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Maths tutoring for children
aged 6 -13 years.
I help children develop tools and strategies to calmly and confidently manage learning challenges.

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mindset Maths

one 2 one Maths tutoring for children

ageD 6-13 years

One 2 One maths tutoring to help your child grow in confidence, develop a 'can do' attitude and become a confident problem-solver. Mistakes and risk-taking encouraged here!

What happy students and parents say


Thank you, Diana.  My daughter now has more confidence in herself and her teacher has noticed that she will put her hand up more often and answer questions.


I was struggling with anxiety and nerves in the lead up to an audition.  I now feel equipped  to process my thoughts and feelings and feel calmer and more positive. Thank you Diana.


'Jamie has found his voice.' I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear that from his teacher. Your kindness and coaching got him there.

​Hello, I'm Diana, a Maths Tutor and a certified Children's Mindfulness Coach with a BA in Educational Psychology.  


I'm passionate about helping young people to create a 'can do' mindset, so they feel confident and ready to face learning challenges.


I know from experience how quickly children can lose confidence in their ability to cope, learn or figure things out. 


I'm a Coach and Tutor who loves encouraging and developing a tangible and self-affirming sense of I can do this in my students.


I've witnessed the frustrations and challenges all children can face on their learning journey, and I believe that having confidence in themselves and a willingness to risk making a mistake are key requirements to help them build resilience and succeed.

I've seen how losing confidence can affect children and young adults...  How hard they try to hide their panic and overwhelm...  How quick they are to tell you everything is OK!


Since 2014 I have tutored and coached children and younger adults to develop a growth mindset and become confident problem solvers, comfortable in their ability to work things out. Real and vital skills that help us to cope with life's challenges too.


I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of young adults and children learn ways to manage their stress, worries and anxiety so they can feel calm and confident in any situation. Maths lessons, tests, music and drama exams, friendships, gymnastics competitions and more. So important as our children grow into adulthood.

  • I work within the NZ school curriculum for Maths.

  • I use clinically proven, tried and tested mindfulness practices.

  • I'll help your child develop a change in thinking that doesn't rely on hours of work or complicated practices. 

  • I teach fun, child-focused, easy-to-practice techniques.

I have two gorgeous adult children (yes, I am biased), and so I know that you’re ready to do what it takes to help and support your child – you just want to make sure you’re doing the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time and feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off. 


Why not book a free, no-obligation consultation and tell me how I can help you and your child? 

Call now to book a free consultation 021 230 3446

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