Mindset and Maths Coaching for children aged 6-13 years.

Helping parents create 'can do' kids

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We give children the tools and the strategies to feel calm and confidently cope with life's challenges.

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one 2 one coaching

mindset Maths

ages 6-13

One 2 One maths tutoring to help your child grow in confidence, develop a 'can do' attitude and become a confident problem-solver. Mistakes and risk-taking encouraged here!


and mindset


for ages 6 -10

Classes designed exclusively for children. A fun and engaging way to help your child develop their concentration, learn to feel calm and strengthen their decision-making skills.


and mindset


for pre-schoolers

A wonderful way to learn and share mindfulness with your child. Simple practices. A fun and engaging way to deepen your relationship, help your child develop their concentration, learn easy ways to feel calm and build coping skills.


and mindset


for teens

Brain Gym - How to create a strong and resilient way of thinking - Simple techniques, exercises and strategies to help teenagers improve focus, boost learning and reasoning, build resilience and keep thoughts and feelings in check.

What happy students and parents say


Thank you, Diana.  My daughter now has more confidence in herself and her teacher has noticed that she will put her hand up more often and answer questions.


I was struggling with anxiety and nerves in the lead up to an audition.  I now feel equipped  to process my thoughts and feelings and feel calmer and more positive. Thank you Diana.


'Jamie has found his voice.' I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear that from his teacher. Your kindness and coaching got him there.

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Tutoring in Upper Hutt and classes throughout the Hutt Valley.

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