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Solving Math Problem

Maths tutoring that helps your child rebuild their confidence!


One-to-one maths tutoring in Upper Hutt or online for children aged 6 -13 years. Tailored exactly to your child's educational and emotional needs.  Gentle and effective coaching encourages your child to ask questions and risk 'getting it wrong.' 


Helping your child to change how they think about maths. Reigniting their confidence and encouraging them to take charge of their own learning journey.

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There is no such thing as a maths brain but it can sometimes seem that way to children who lose confidence. Feelings of stress and worry often start when children feel overwhelmed or helpless in a situation. These feelings are a very normal response but left unchallenged can be confidence breaking.  Very quickly children start to believe 'I don't get maths,' .... 'I can't do this' .... 'Everyone thinks I'm stupid' .... 'I always get it wrong'.

This can be especially true if others seem to be coping well in the same situation.....Just imagine sitting on the mat in the classroom surrounded by all your classmates.  All their hands are up, they know the answer, they're starting to wriggle.  Your mind has gone blank, your heart is beating fast and a strange metallic taste is in your mouth. You feel like crying, your face feels red, you wish you could disappear.

As adults we know that's a stress response kicking in.....but your child just feels wrong!

Children must have confidence in their ability to work things out and a willingness to risk making a mistake if they are to build resilience and succeed.

My one-to-one maths tutoring uses mindset strategies, games and simple repetition to:-


  • Help your child to understand what it means when they get that 'stressed' feeling.

  • Focus on basic facts.

  • Teach your child how to feel calm so they can get on with figuring things out.

  • Look for and 'fill in' learning gaps.

  • Build resilience so your child feels comfortable taking a risk and making mistakes.

  • Identify and support your child's educational and emotional needs.

Please contact me now to talk about how I can help your child.

Call today for a free consultation:-

021 230 3446

What happy students and parents say.

Maree, Mum

"Thank you so much.  Ellie has found her confidence and is working her way steadily up the Maths ladder."


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TUESDAY - THURSDAY 15:00 - 18:30

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