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How To Manage Exam and Test Anxiety.

Even the most well prepared student can suffer from exams nerves.

Obviously the quality of your revision is going to affect how confident you feel going into an exam and there are some great tools you can use and brain training exercises you can try to help you with your memory.

A small dose of nerves isn't a bad thing it keeps you on your toes work with it. But when performance nerves take over here are some other tools you can try.


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Diana Rickman is an Emotional Strength Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator and Advanced Level Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Diana has had the honour of helping hundreds of men, women and children to manage their stress and anxiety so they can live more joyful, calm and confident lives. Over the years, she has developed a reputation as a gentle, supportive and intuitive practitioner who still delivers that ‘kick in the pants’ - otherwise known as a giant shift in mindset. By listening mindfully to what's deeply hidden she helps her clients to see past their words and into their hearts. To safely explore their beliefs and fears and express them.

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