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4 Ways To Feel Emotionally Strong With Your Kids After A Stressful Day At Work

If your work life is leaving you stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted it's difficult to leave that feeling at work. But if it's affecting your family life you could try my 4 top tips to feeling emotionally strong when you walk in the door and the kids launch themselves at you demanding attention.

Step 1 Detach - Read, listen to an audio book or a meditation track or music on your journey home. Turn your phone off 10 minutes before you reach home and don't walk in the house in the middle of a work call.

Step 2 Prepare - Put a smile on your face. Neuroscience has shown that It makes you feel happy even if you're not. Catch up by txt so you know what's happened to your child in the day. Have encouraging or supportive things ready to say when you get home.

Step 3 Engage - No phone, No distraction. 10 minutes focusing on your family before you take some time for yourself.

Step 4 Relax – Don't manage them. Enjoy something your child wants to do.

As one man I spoke to put it " I wanted my children to remember me as a dad who played with them so I knew I had to change"


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