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'How do I make time for my child to do Mindfulness they already have lots of after school activities

Time is an interesting thing. It's stretchy.

No, I haven't discovered a new time/relativity theory but my experience is I can always make time to do the things I want to do.

But the things I don't want to do often seem to take longer to get round to and complete.

Start with WHY!

Why do you want your child to learn and practice? What are the benefits you're hoping to see? Is Mindfulness important to you?

The type of mindfulness I practice and teach doesn't need a special time, place or equipment.

Keep it lighthearted and purposeful.

Take 4 mindful breaths with your child before they get out of the car in the morning for school.

Take 4 mindful breaths together before they run from the car to play sport.

Take a mindful breath together as they tie their sports shoes.

Before you read together at night.

Before you eat breakfast or dinner.

As you walk to school.

If it's important to you and you know why you'll find the few minutes each day you need to help you and your child create a habit-forming practice.

It's that easy! No really it is :)



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