• Diana Rickman

Positive things to say to your child.

‘I will always be here when you need me’

It’s part of our ancient survival mechanism to fit it and belong. To be part of a tribe.

One of the most common complaints I heard when I was on duty in the school playground was ’My friends are being mean to me’.

Feeling alone, left out, out of the tribe often hurts more than a scraped knee.

When you tell your child ‘I will always be here when you need me’ you are reminding them they are part of a tribe.

It’s also supportive without being controlling or offering to do it for them. It tells them they can give it a go and you’ll be there when they ask. The choice is theirs and that shows you have faith in them too.

One of the factors that can lead to depression in children and adults is a sense of isolation, having to cope on our own when things get tricky. Feeling alone.

It's also a wonderful thing to say to adults too rather than going into rescue mode or jumping onto the drama bus with them.

I think this is one of the most important things you can say to anyone. Perhaps even more than I love you!